Rosemary’s Catering began changing the event-dining landscape in Texas 75 years ago with fresh ingredients, innovative menus, and attention to detail in every appetizer, entrée and dessert served. That tradition continues to this day, as does catering to clients’ every need with a commitment to exciting palates while exceeding expectations.
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Smoked salmon croque bites
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Rosemary's Catering 
- Fresh, Progressive, Chef-driven -

Rosemary’s Catering delivers culinary and hospitality excellence to thousands of events each year, and has been Texas’ trusted event catering partner for more than half a century.
Rosemary’s Catering brings a passion for creative cuisine and gracious catering service to any venue or destination setting, for every occasion and every taste, and has since the 1940’s.  Rosemary’s Catering has grown to serve thousands of special events annually by making each one truly extraordinary. Every gala, party, wedding, and catering event is as special to our team as it is to our clients. Today we cater to the special events and special needs of clientele in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, across Texas and beyond, serving customized and delectable culinary creations and cocktails.
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